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• 2020 •

Getting Started with Vue.js in 2020

Lessons learned when building a recipes app with Vue.js in 2020; not your typical Vue.js tutorial.

Published 04.07.2020, 10 minute read

Boilerplate: Hugo, TailwindCSS and gulp

I just published a very simple boilerplate for Hugo sites based on TailwindCSS.

Published 12.04.2020, 3 minute read

Hugo's '.plain' Function Ignores Page Reources

Lessons learned when building a JSON search index for Hugo sites using Page Reources.

Published 30.03.2020, 4 minute read


Spring cleaning. Or how to ditch Bootstrap, all JavaScript, jQuery etc. and end up with a new, faster website.

Published 24.03.2020, 3 minute read

Building a Store Locator Based on Leaflet

A detailed article about building a store locator based on Leaflet into a static site generated by Hugo.

Published 15.03.2020, 9 minute read

• 2019 •

"Static" Comments with Gulp, Hugo & Netlify

Probably the easiest way of adding comments to your Hugo site.

Published 15.12.2019, 9 minute read

Update - February 2019

A brief update from February 2019.

Published 10.02.2019, 1 minute read

• 2018 •

jQuery Multiselect Filter

An article about building a portfolio filter capable of multiselect with jQuery. Also includes a working CodePen example.

Published 12.12.2018, 7 minute read

Site Redesign

Short update summarizing the changes done to this site recently.

Published 19.11.2018, 1 minute read

Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio

A pointer to a great resource for Micorosft Visio users.

Published 16.10.2018, 2 minute read

Building a Responsive Menu with Tailwind CSS

This article shows how to build a responsive menu/navigation with Tailwind CSS and also includes a CodePen example. Updated 03/2020.

Published 20.09.2018, 5 minute read

Using CSS Variables in Internet Explorer

An article about using CSS variables in Internet Explorer which doesn't natively support them.

Published 03.09.2018, 3 minute read

Responsive Web Design Certification

A short update after obtaining the Responsive Web Design Certification on freeCodeCamp.

Published 27.08.2018, 2 minute read

Random Content from Data in Hugo

An article about pulling random records from a JSON data file in Hugo and using the same data file to build a page from it.

Published 21.08.2018, 5 minute read

Hello World

This site's opening post.

Published 20.08.2018, 4 minute read