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Introducing: WATCH3R

Introducing WATCH3R, a free, open source movie watchlist and journal app.

Published: October 31, 2020

Using Tailwind CSS with Vue.js

Tailwind CSS is an incredibly powerful utility-first CSS framework. It's super easy to set up and makes you very flexible.

Published: July 09, 2020


Spring cleaning. Or how to ditch Bootstrap, all JavaScript, jQuery etc. and end up with a new, faster website.

Published: March 24, 2020

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jQuery Multiselect Filter

An article about building a portfolio filter capable of multiselect with jQuery. Also includes a working CodePen example.

Published: December 12, 2018

Site Redesign

Short update summarizing the changes done to this site recently.

Published: November 19, 2018

Random Content from Data in Hugo

An article about pulling random records from a JSON data file in Hugo and using the same data file to build a page from it.

Published: August 21, 2018

Hello World

This site's opening post.

Published: August 20, 2018