"Static" Comments with Gulp, Hugo & Netlify

“Static” comments…? Working for friends and family is always quite a bit of an extra challenge, as “no” generally doesn’t count. That’s probably how I ended up looking for what I’ll call “‘static’ comments” for now. Sounds weird at first, but refers to comments (= dynamically added feedback/discussion) within the context and technical limitations of a static website. There’s a fair amount of “out of the box” 3rd party services you can use, an overview can be found in the Hugo Docs . [...]


Update - February 2019

What happened? Judging by the silence here, I must have been busy… The christmas holiday brought along Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, some well deserved relaxation and good company of family and friends. I took on a project for a friend some weeks before that though, she needed a portfolio website. The site’s done from a technical perspective, currently being filled with content as it’s supposed to go online soon. [...]


jQuery Multiselect Filter

Filter requirements I spent quite some time working on a friend’s portfolio website recently. She wanted to get rid of some sort of hosted service, moving to her own website. Showcasing her work was clearly the focus of the site, so it also needed to provide some decent filtering of the portfolio items. The site itself was supposed to be built with Hugo that already provides a ton of functionality in terms of taxonomy and content metadata. [...]


Site Redesign

Redesign When this site was put together initially, it was basically a prototype for some kind of blog/portfolio kind of thing. Now, about 6 months later, there’s been a slight redesign - the first of many I’m afraid… Anyway, this post will probably just serve me as a personal tracker of what’s changed, so here we go: Behind the scenes Reduced Bootstrap 4 to the bare minimum of required components, thereby reducing the size of the CSS significantly. [...]


Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio

Great shapes! I recently had to work on some infographics and marketing imagery for a pretty complex piece of software. Googling up stuff like industry 4.0 or software development lifecycle infographics lead to a bunch of different “buy your image” kind of sites, going through them didn’t yield anything suitable though. What made the whole procedure even more complicated, was the need for an SVG image. That requirement lead to the idea of doing the whole thing in Visio eventually, which is capable of producing SVGs from drawings natively. [...]


Building a responsive menu with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS According to their docs: Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. Being used to Bootstrap and/or other component based frameworks, this is quite a different approach. Using Tailwind, basically everything you know from these frameworks is possible, but the way to get there is a little different. There’s no navbar, card or modal - instead, all of Tailwind’s classes can be used to actually build those components. [...]