About the Past Year - 2022

Published: January 03, 2023

2nd entry in this series that I’ve decided to call “About the Past Year” from now on.

2022 wasn’t an easy year: we lost a family member to ALS (about 18 months after the diagnosis) and had to cope with loss, an international move and a lot of other things that needed taking care of given this new situation. It’s been getting easier lately, but there’s a lot left to take care of.

Work was really supportive in this situation and I had absolutely no problems working remotely and taking days off as needed. A bunch of new projects started recently though, so I’m hoping for an additional team member within the next few weeks right now.

Anyway, these are some cool things I did last year:


  • Built a transactional SMS sending service with blackout functionality (i.e. considering holidays, weekends, night time hours etc. and delaying the messages accordingly)
  • Worked on a larger Nuxt codebase and built a front end for a tour booking solution
  • Built an SMS based MFA service with basic session management
  • Implemented a multichannel personalization tool
  • Architected and implemented an interface that processes Facebook leads, checks their data in CRM and triggers automated marketing communication (multiple FB pages, one CRM, multiple campaigns in different languages)
  • Lead MJML adoption in my team
  • Built a media library SPA with Preact
  • Switched to Fedora on my work laptop - 0 regrets


Most Significant Growth

  • Personal: quit preemptively helping people that can’t acknowledge that they have a problem (and learning to live with the frustration of things being that way in the first place)
  • Professional: substituting lacking project management more or less efficiently and learning to tolerate it

TBH, not sure if either one of those is necessarily a good thing.

Most Persistent Challenges

  • Personal: learning to cope with loss
  • Professional: context switching, multi-tasking, learning not to care too much

Best _ of 2022

  • Game: Elden Ring (Stray as a close 2nd)
  • Movie: Bullet Train
  • Series: Severance

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