Responsive Web Design Certification

Published 27.08.2018, 2 minute read


I came across freeCodeCamp  a while ago, bookmarked it and forgot about it again. Going through my bookmarks some weeks ago, I re-discovered it and actually had a look at what they’re doing this time. As it turned out, they’ve got a huge collection of thousands of coding lessons including certifications that they’re offering for free based on donations.

I didn’t hesitate (this time) and started getting into their first course for the so called Responsive Web Design Certification. After the first couple of lessons I realised that this was quite basic for my actual level of knowledge, so I proceeded to working on the 5 certification projects instead. I still plan to catch up on all the individual lessons though, as there’s certainly something in there that I forgot over the years or never knew at all.

The projects for the certification were a pleasant experience to complete and I’m quite happy to have obtained the certificate today.

I can wholeheartedly recommend freeCodeCamp for anyone interested in getting into what’s called Responsive Web Design there, I’ll certainly proceed to JavaScript and work through that next.

If it’s of interest for anyone, here’s a link to my profile where you can have a look at the certification projects: 

Oh, and that’s me on freeCodeCamp: 

PS: yes, I know that using Bootstrap was a little lazy…

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