Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio

Published: October 16, 2018

Great Shapes!

I recently had to work on some infographics and marketing imagery for a pretty complex piece of software.

Googling up stuff like industry 4.0 or software development lifecycle infographics lead to a bunch of different “buy your image” kind of sites, going through them didn’t yield anything suitable though.

What made the whole procedure even more complicated, was the need for an SVG image. That requirement lead to the idea of doing the whole thing in Visio eventually, which is capable of producing SVGs from drawings natively.

Unfortunately, even Visio 2016 features a rather lackluster selection of standard shapes for that kind of use case. On the verge of leaving it at that and looking for an illustrator, I decided to quickly check for some more suitable Visio shapes online. Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long to come across the Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio, that proved to be an excellent resource for the task at hand.

The shapes in there are detailed, modern and easily customizable, just as expected when working with Visio. With a bit of skill, some time and patience, it’s possible to create pretty decent looking diagrams and infographics that can be exported to SVG easily.

I’m really grateful to have found those stencils, thanks to MVP Sandro Pereira for compiling/creating such a helpful resource!

Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio at TechNet

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