A history of the changes this website has gone through since it launched in 2018.

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Version 3.5

  • Added /likes where I’ll publish cool things I find on the internet
  • Moved /TIL to /notes
  • Updated the site’s icon

Version 3.4

Version 3.3

  • Added /now and /uses to this site
  • Adjusted the width of the content columns
  • Joined the

Version 3.2

  • Updated the styling for links inside the content of this site
  • Changed the old pixelsorted portrait I used to an illustration my wife made for me

Version 3.1

  • Added the Changelog you’re currently reading

Version 3.0

Active since 03/2021.

  • Switched from Hugo to Eleventy
  • Removed comments and tag-based list pages
  • Ditched Gulp in favor of 11ty-native PostCSS
  • Slight visual Cleanup
  • Switched to “Titillium Web” as the site’s font

Version 2.0

Active from 03/2020 to 03/2021.

  • Re-wrote the whole site’s HTML and CSS from scratch without using any JavaScript
  • Ditched Bootstrap but kept a few display and flexbox utility classes
  • Simplified the “Projects” section and called it “Work”
  • Added an RSS feed
  • Added the “Today I learned…” page
  • Switched to “Ubuntu” as the site’s font

Version 1.1

Active from 11/2018 to 03/2020.

  • Cut down Bootstrap to the essentials
  • Implemented comments
  • Added Gulp for CSS processing and fetching comments at build time (via Netlify API)
  • Added a portfolio section called “Projects”
  • Switched to “Nunito” as the site’s font

Version 1.0

Active from 08/2018 to 11/2018.

  • Launched as a Hugo site deployed via Netlify
  • Visually based on Bootstrap 4
  • Included all the BS4 bloat despite not making much use of it