What I'm Doing Now

A public reminder of what I’m (supposed to be…) doing now.

Last updated: May 2nd 2021

Projects and Writing

  • Rewrite recept0r using Vue 3 and TypeScript.
    Wanted to do that earlier, but had to postpone it due to waiting for some dependencies to update first.
  • Write an article about securing serverless functions
  • Write an article about using vue-router to build a menu




  • Start: Days Gone, Titanfall 2
  • Finish: Elex

Watching: The Mandalorian (Season 2)


  • Get an OBD adapter and take care of some car coding
  • Try and get the cat accustomed to a bit more car travel and a garden
  • Upgrade the grill for BBQ season
  • Get lucky and pull the trigger on a PS5
  • Walk/cycle/swim/… => move more

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