Project Info

Client: Alpengummi
Date: Spring 2019
Task: Code

Project Description

Alpengummi upgraded to a fast, modern and static website incl. CMS functionality.

A major requirement was a self-service content management, which is why  was used.


In order to create a fast and responsive static website with powerful CMS functionality, the following tools/frameworks/services were used:

  • hugo
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • gulp
  • Netlify


Alpengummi decided to move their website away from Wordpress, making use of a modern, fast and responsive static website. The necessary CMS functionality was implemented using, a service capable of providing a content management layer for static sites like the ones created by hugo.

A key feature of the website is the shop finder, a large (dynamic) JSON-based list of online and offline retailers stocking the chewing gum.

Other features include a Blog, Mailchimp integration, FAQs and the possibility of posting job offers in the future.

The website was designed by Natalia Garcez  based on Bootstrap 4.