Project Info

Client: BPM.WIKI
Date: From 06/2019
Task: UX/UI design, systems architecture & web design

Project Description

BPM.WIKI intends to provide a dedicated platform to share, collaborate and improve process diagrams.

Public content will be available for free, providing maximum visibility and feedback from a growing global community.


From the marketing page:

The content in BPM.WIKI will be suitable for any imaginable use case. From university studies or continuing education requiring process knowledge and documentation to large corporate BPM projects and independent consulting and training.

In order to live up to this promise, a scalable and reliable high-performance system had to be devised…

As this is still WIP at the time of writing this, there’s no “final summary” to put in here.

So far though, I’ve been

  • writing specifications
  • defining a meta model
  • designing & coding a landing page (still live until the actual launch)
  • providing UX/UI design

for this project.