Project Info

Client: Natalia Garcez
Date: 11/2018 - 03/2019
Task: Code

Project Description

Creating a personal website for Natalia Garcez, a freelance graphic designer.

Central requirement was independent (self-service) content maintenance and flexible pages built from pre-defined building blocks.


In order to create a fast and responsive static website aligned with the design guidelines, the following tools/frameworks/services were used:

  • hugo
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • gulp
  • Netlify


The design was clearly defined by the client and got implemented based on a customized Bootstrap 4 grid. There’s a bunch of little details, smooth transitions and CSS tricks in there, which was a good exercise during the implementation phase.

The cases/portfolio items were implemented as a modular building block system, making sure that each case can have an individual page structure instead of following a global template.

On top of that, a multiselect filter on the portfolio overview page provides easy access to the portfolio items.

The result is a fast, responsive modern website, focused on the author’s relative independence when it comes to presenting her work.