Project Info

Client: GmbH
Date: from 05/2018
Task: Design & Code

Project Description

An outdated Typo3 company site needed both a visual and a technical overhaul. Instead of sticking with that stone age CMS, a completely new site was designed and implemented.

The new site now provides an ideal framework for continuous improvement and regular content updates.


In order to create a fast and responsive static website, the following tools/frameworks/services were used:

  • hugo
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Font Awesome
  • simplebox.js
  • gulp
  • Netlify

All details regarding the decision making process can be found here: Blog 


An important success factor of the site’s overhaul was achieving the best possible performance despite of a bit of an overhead due to loading jQuery and Font Awesome.

Most state-of-the-art methods and best practices have been taken into consideration though, and the result of Google’s Lighthouse audit (via Chrome Dev Tools) is really satisfying:


Furthermore, various website speedtests performed for the DACH-region have consistently reported loading times of 1,5 seconds or less.


Rewarding project, focused on the quick wins for the time being.

Lots more to do there in the long run, currently debating a complete re-write of the site’s content in order to improve search engine traffic.