"Static" Comments with Gulp, Hugo & Netlify

“Static” comments…? Working for friends and family is always quite a bit of an extra challenge, as “no” generally doesn’t count. That’s probably how I ended up looking for what I’ll call “‘static’ comments” for now. Sounds weird at first, but refers to comments (= dynamically added feedback/discussion) within the context and technical limitations of a static website. There’s a fair amount of “out of the box” 3rd party services you can use, an overview can be found in the Hugo Docs . [...]


Random Content from Data in Hugo

Data in Hugo Hugo comes with the possibility of storing structured content in a data file where it can be pulled from by the template placing it on the site. I’ve seen this used for things like pricing tables for example. There’s quite a bunch of use cases for random content on a website though, from customer references on a company website to quotes of the day for a literary blog. [...]


Hello World

Let’s do this I’ve had a lot of websites over the years, ranging from more or less official business endeavours like a small record label to more private things like a website for my wedding a while ago. I’ve never had a website just for me though, so this is something new. Also, I’ve never been involved much with giving back to the crowd - meaning all the people posting content like reviews or code snippets online. [...]