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• 2020 •

Introducing: WATCH3R

Introducing WATCH3R, a free, open source movie watchlist and journal app.

Published 31.10.2020, 2 minute read


Spring cleaning. Or how to ditch Bootstrap, all JavaScript, jQuery etc. and end up with a new, faster website.

Published 24.03.2020, 3 minute read

• 2019 •

Update - February 2019

A brief update from February 2019.

Published 10.02.2019, 1 minute read

• 2018 •

Site Redesign

Short update summarizing the changes done to this site recently.

Published 19.11.2018, 1 minute read

Responsive Web Design Certification

A short update after obtaining the Responsive Web Design Certification on freeCodeCamp.

Published 27.08.2018, 2 minute read

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