Update - February 2019

What happened? Judging by the silence here, I must have been busy… The christmas holiday brought along Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, some well deserved relaxation and good company of family and friends. I took on a project for a friend some weeks before that though, she needed a portfolio website. The site’s done from a technical perspective, currently being filled with content as it’s supposed to go online soon. [...]


Site Redesign

Redesign When this site was put together initially, it was basically a prototype for some kind of blog/portfolio kind of thing. Now, about 6 months later, there’s been a slight redesign - the first of many I’m afraid… Anyway, this post will probably just serve me as a personal tracker of what’s changed, so here we go: Behind the scenes Reduced Bootstrap 4 to the bare minimum of required components, thereby reducing the size of the CSS significantly. [...]


Responsive Web Design Certification

freeCodeCamp I came across freeCodeCamp  a while ago, bookmarked it and forgot about it again. Going through my bookmarks some weeks ago, I re-discovered it and actually had a look at what they’re doing this time. As it turned out, they’ve got a huge collection of thousands of coding lessons including certifications that they’re offering for free based on donations. I didn’t hesitate (this time) and started getting into their first course for the so called Responsive Web Design Certification. [...]