My Setup and Tools

I’m always curious what hardware and software other people use, so here’s my current setup.

Last updated: May 1st 2021


I use a Dell XPS 15 9570 (11/2018) running Manjaro KDE. I’m mostly working from home these days, but I don’t use an external keyboard or monitor. As far as peripherals are concerned, I use an old SteelSeries Siberia 200 headset, a 4TB Seagate external hard drive. Once in a while I also use a wireless mouse that keeps hanging around at home.

My current phone’s a Pixel 4a 5G that I got in 03/2021 when my wife inherited my LG G7 ThinQ after her beloved Sony phone died. The Pixel’s a great phone and I got so used to gesture navigation that using other phones feels somehow off now.


My terminal emulator is Konsole (theme Aritim Dark) with Oh My Zsh and I’m using Code OSS (= VS Code) with the JetBrains Mono typeface as my primary editor. I’m currently using the Tokyo Night theme, but my all-time favourite theme is Plastic. I also use Neovim whenever I need to edit files directly from the command line.

I’m using both Firefox Dev. Edition and OSS Chromium as browsers currently, but I also used Brave in the past (which I liked a lot actually). I prefer using Firefox, but having Chrom(e/ium) around is somehow necessary when you’re a web developer these days - unfortunatley, we’ve reached a point where certain things only work there.

Notion is what I use for notes, task management and writing and ProtonMail takes care of my emails. When I need to edit pixels, I’m using GIMP or Photopea and when I have to work with vectors, I’m using Figma or Inkscape.

Finally, there’s a bunch of smaller yet extremely convenient tools that I use almost every day: KeeWeb for password management, (which I made for myself) for time tracking, ProtonVPN when I need a VPN and Coding.Tools for most other things I need to get done.

Note: Writing this page in prose was inspired by Marc Jenkins.